Preventative Oral Care

Preventative oral care is the most important routine that you should never skip. Not only will you have a healthier mouth and fresh breath, but you will also save money. These dental cleanings are when we inspect your gums and each tooth in detail, check for jaw misalignment, take x-rays and Dr. James also checks for other ailments associated with your mouth. After the examination your teeth are then cleaned and flossed to a clean, white smile.

If you start skipping these routine cleanings cavities may begin forming, tooth and jaw misalignment may begin and other ailments may start to develop as a result. These dental problems may cause severe pain in your teeth and gums and eventually cause gum disease (also known as periodontal disease), damage to the root of the tooth and more. The procedures to repair the damage caused, such as root canals, can also be painful and expensive. So, stay healthy by coming in to see us once every six (6) months for your regular dental cleaning appointment.

Importance of Oral Care in Children

Did you know by the age of 16, the average American child has nearly ten (10) decayed, missing or extracted, or filled tooth surfaces (cavity fillings)? It is very important that regularly scheduled preventative check-ups occur during the development of a child's body. These check-ups will go a long way to help prevent long reparative visits, local anesthesia, and coping with sitting still longer. These preventative check-ups also lessen the chance of having future tooth fractures, root canal treatments, repetitive replacement fillings, extractions and space maintainers to hold space for permanent teeth.


Dr. James practices preventative care in dentistry and uses many of the latest techniques and technologies to assist her in giving you the most accurate dental care. One such device is the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection tool. This tool detects the bacteria in the pits of your teeth using a laser to illuminate certain bacteria that reacts to the laser. The device can detect many bacteria and find developing problems on and in your teeth before they truly become a problem. Not until a full cavity develops does it need to be drilled. Many developing problems can be reversed with the correct care and treatment. Dr. James wants to ensure that you're as healthy as you can be, so ask us about how the DIAGNOdent can be used to help you prevent future cavities.

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